10 ways to be more eco friendly

go paperless

As everyday passes by, there is some level of climate change some of which is caused by human activities. There are more than a few evidences that climate change is a topic that should be taken more seriously now than ever! These evidences include the popular ones such as global warming, increased temperature rise, reduced snow cover etc.

1. Use eco friendly cleaning products

Eco friendly cleaning products are cleaning products that are manufactured without the use of chemicals, rather they are manufactured with natural ingredients, plant based ingredients or biodegradable ingredients.
There are so many brands that specialise in eco friendly household cleaning products such as Ecover, Method, Simple Green, Ecozone etc.

Switching the use of non eco friendly cleaning products for their eco friendly and sustainable counterparts is one simple and easy way to be more eco friendly. Although these cleaning products are generally a bit more pricey, the personal fulfilment of contributing to a better planner odd worth more.

  • Method Antibacterial Spray, All Purpose Cleaner, Wild Rhubarb
  • Eco friendly cleaning cloths
  • Eco friendly floor cleaner
  • Ecover Lemon & Aloe Washing Up Liquid

2. Recycle everything possible

Yet another simple and easy lifestyle change that can be made by everyone to enable us become one step closer to a better planet.

The concept of recycling is quite simple and beneficial in all rounds. It involves converting a water material to a new product. It saves energy, resource, raw materials, pollution etc required to make a new product from scratch.
If any container, packaging etc has the recycle symbol on it, then recycle it appropriately.

3. Not using it? Switch it off

I cannot begin to stress on the importance of switching of energy sources when not in use. Switch off the lights, the heating etc, basically if you’re not using it, turn it off.

Yes if might seem like just turning things off but it’s way deeper than that. Turning off electrical or other energy sources saves energy. This means that the less need to burn fossil fuels, which in turn means less emissions to the planet.
Apart from contributing positively to the environment, you also get to save yourself some extra money due to reduces energy bills.

4. Recycle shopping bags

Before a few years ago, we were being spoilt by the supermarkets and given bags for free when you go to do your shopping. based on this, I feel like most people haven’t gotten into the bad practise of using the carrier and shopping bag once only and then discarding them.
Always go shopping with your own bags, take a bag from home, put some in your handbag or car so that if you’re out and about and you deiced to buy one or two things, you’ll still have a bag to use. other than going to buy a new one in store.

This practise saves you 5p or 10p each time you go shopping. In addition, rather than using plastic bags, buy some fabric ones which are durable and will last you for a long time. They’re also very portable and discreet so you can always leave it in your handbag or car.

  • Reusable shopping Totes Bags
  • Recycling Symbol
  • Foldable Shopping Bag with Wheels

5. Opt for paper packaging rather than plastic

This is another easy way to be more eco friendly. when buying products, food etc, try as much as possible to do your shopping using brands known for sustainable, biodegrade-able packaging.

6. Use paper, biodegradable or reuse-able straws, spoons, fork

A very easy lifestyle change to make in order to achieve a more eco friendly environment.

7. Walk or cycle instead of driving

This is a very good example of killing two birds with one stone. Instead of driving to your destination, especially for short distances, walk or cycle instead. in this manner, you’re not only building a healthy lifestyle, hence helping your body stay healthy but you’re also helping planet earth to be more green.

  • Ways to be more eco friendly
  • Cycling to be more environmentally friendly

8. Do not waste food

The more food you waste, especially meat and dairy waste, the more carbon emissions into the environment. So always buy and cook what you can finish. Do not get greedy!

Ways to be more environmentally friendly

9. Go digital (go paperless)

In this day and age when most things have been digitalised. If you can get away from not printing, then do not print! There’s an app or website for almost everything including signing documents, planning, making notes etc. Make the most of the digital world!


go paperless

10. Make your home more energy efficient

There are so many ways and swaps you can make to make your home more energy efficient and in turn more climate friendly. These include: using LED lights, switch to double paned windows, allow clothes to air dry, use solar energy etc.

I hope this post inspires you to make easy and conscious changed around your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly.


Chioma x

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