4 Major Benefits of Coconut Oil

benefits of coconut oil

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Have you ever wondered why coconut oil is considered healthy and a “super-food” in comparison to other oils? In this very short post, I’ll be giving you the 4 major benefits of coconut oil. Without further ado, the benefits of coconut oils include these below.

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4 Major benefits of using coconut oil 
  1. Contains healthy fatty acids: coconut oils contains saturated short-chain fatty acids. It is advisable to avoid saturated fatty acids because they’re not good for the health compared to unsaturated fatty acids. However, due to the short length of these saturated fatty acids, they’re metabolized quickly in the liver. This provides a quick energy source for the body as well as encourage fat burn.
  2. Can decrease heart disease and other heart ailments
  3. Has anti-bacterial properties through the metabolism of Lauric acid into monolaurin.
  4. Good for the skin. It’s hydrating, moisturising and acts a natural sunscreen
  5. Good for the hair by providing hydration, conditioner, and shine to the hair.


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