5 ways to wear black this summer/fall season

how to wear black in summer

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We’re getting close to the fall season. However, we are technically still in the summer season. Normally, people don’t wear black in the summer. Wearing black in the summer is fine, especially now since spring is seriously approaching.



Do you ever wonder why people wear mostly white or bright clothing in the summer?


The myth explained

“Wearing black in the summer makes you hotter is a myth!”

Based on science, white will indeed reflect the energy produced from the sun. However, it doesn’t mean that wearing white will keep you cool in the summer.

Here’s why: as we already know, humans are warm-blooded mammals. Therefore, we generate body heat. When we wear white, energy from our body heat reflects into the body which means that we would get hotter.

On the other hand, wearing black absorbs heat, so the heat from the sun rays as well as the heat from the body are both absorbed by the black clothing. In other words, it is probably best to wear black in the summer than to wear white.

That being said, it is important to remember that the type of fabric you choose to wear in the summer is also a major determinant as to whether you’ll be hot or cold. Whether bright colored or dark-colored, you’ll not choose to wear a knitwear wool clothing in the summer. I think we all know why!


Now that it is established that we can wear black in any season. Here are the 5 ways you can wear black this summer as the fall season approaches.

Style inspiration

1. Turtle neck + tailored trousers
Style notes: this stylish smart outfit is great if you work in a cooperate environment like those who work in banks, law firms, etc. To further jazz up the look, you could add a blazer and you’re ready to go!

Shop the look

Turtle neck: Peacocks

Trouser: New Look

Court heels: New Look

Tote bag: Dorothy Perkins

2. With a touch of colour
Style notes: if you love colour, then adding some colour to your black outfit stands out. You can do this through your main outfit or your accessories: bag, shoes, etc. However, do not overdo it, just one colour will do. 

Shop the look

Oversized blazer: New Look 

Orange top: Primark 

Jeans: Marks & Spencer

Court heels: New Look 

3. Longline blazer + cycling shorts

how to style black in the summer for a smart casual look

Style notes: For a smart-ish casual look. This look is great if you’re attending an event that requires you to not be casual. 

Shop the look

Longline blazer: Boohoo

Cycling shorts: Boohoo

Court heels: Primark

4. T-shirt + skirt
Shop the look

T-shirt: Less than 10 pounds

Skirt: Boohoo

Heeled boots: F&F Clothing

Waist bag: Primark

how to style black in the summer for a chic look

Style notes: this chic look is by far my fav way of wearing black in the summer. It is stylish, chic, slightly edgy and comfortable. For a windy and slightly colder summer day, just swap the T-shirt with a turtle neck jumper. It is a great look for attending concerts.

Shop the look

Turtle neck jumper: Peacocks

5. Black dress

how to style black in the summer

Style notes: this is a no-fuss way to wear black this summer. No styling needed. Just pair with your chosen footwear and some accessories and that’s it!

Shop the look

Dress: Hidden Fashion

Heels: Asos

That’s it for this week. Thank you for reading this post! Check out previous posts below.



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