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So lock down is finally over, after several months of being locked in and feeling suffocated at home due to Aunty Corona. I must say that these times, grocery shopping became so valued. Well fortunately, this is not the case anymore. We are free!

Hence, my friend and I took the opportunity to go down to London and have some fun. We played an outdoor game hosted by Aim Escape.

Who is Aim Escape

I know you’re probably wondering who Aim Escape is. Aim Escape is a premium escape room games service that provides multiple revolutionary games located in the London area. Just like the name, your aim is to ensure that you escape the room (indoor games) or better still solve a mystery (outdoor games).

They provide a range of indoor and outdoor games that are fun to play and will stimulate your brain. The indoor games include Psychopath’s Den, Patient Zero 2150, Spy Heroes, Hangover Déjà Brew. The outdoor games include Operation Mindfall, The Magic Portal, Einstein Unsolved, Your Custom Game (this gives the option to create your own game).

Indoor games at Aim Escape

Indoor games at Aim Escape

The Game: Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall is an outdoor game. That involves you to try to save the world from an evil agency – Spider Technologies. 

In this game, you are an undercover agent sent by an agency – WISE to infiltrate Spider Technologies and find out their plan to take over the world and possibly stop them from spreading some sort of virus that takes over the brain and causes one to do only what is programmed for them.

To start the game, you’re required to meet a WISE agent in red sunglasses at a designated location (this is not the same address as the main Aim Escape location – known as HQ). The agent will brief you on what to do and send you to start your mission. Mind you that before any conversation starts with the agent, you must provide a codeword. 

For your mission, you will be sent to different areas around London, completing tasks and answering questions presented to you. You even get to interact with someone through Facebook Messenger. Yes! I’m very serious. You will get to keep in contact with your briefing agent if you get stuck at any point in time. 

Overall thoughts

The beginning of the game was a faff for me, we followed the instructions given concerning scanning the card to display the first task but I must say the instructions weren’t concise enough.

At the start of the game, you might feel a bit nervous and shy about carrying an iPad around and doing random stuff on the road. But as you get into the game, you’re no longer focused on that as all your concentration will be to unlock the next level of the game. To be quite honest, people don’t even care about what you’re doing!

If you love walking, this game is for you because you will walk quite a distance without even knowing it. So even if you don’t like walking you’ll be fine still. However, if you have any knee or leg injuries and you’re still recovering, I would recommend that you skip this game or do it but take your time to rest your feet when needed. 

Besides, this game is quite educational in some ways. Some questions that were asked was about the environment. Hence, would improve your knowledge of London. For instance, now I know who the `King of House of Plantagenet is. I bet you don’t know!

One thing I would highlight is that you need to know how to navigate yourself with a map. You’re given one but in all honesty, it might not be entirely useful and its best you use Google Maps or similar to know where you’re going. So make sure that you have data on your phone. 

Overall, I loved this game. Its very mentally stimulating, challenging but nothing beats the feeling of excitement when you figured out the puzzles. It’s so properly thought out, constructed and presented. I was impressed by the level of planning and thoughts that could have gone into establishing this game. 

Disclaimer: this was a gifted experience. However, I have expressed my honest opinions about this service.  er
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