DIY: how to make nail hardener at home (with garlic)

diy nail hardener

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We all love a good DIY. It is cheap, natural, and most times as effective as what you’ll get in the stores or maybe sometimes even more effective.

In my last post, I shared with you some beauty hacks and tips you need to know. One of these included using nail hardener with garlic to grow your nails.

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But why garlic…

Garlic contains a mineral called selenium. Selenium is an important mineral nutrient for protection from infection and acting as an antioxidant. The fact that it acts as an antioxidant is superb. I’ve explained why antioxidants are important here.

Therefore, these properties of selenium are what contribute to the properties that garlic have, and its also what makes garlic effective for stopping nail breakage and int turn causes nail growth.

If you suffer from brittle nails and you want your nails to stop breaking and actually grow. Keep reading!

diy nail hardener

Things needed

For this DIY, we’ll need 2 ingredients:

  • Garlic
  • An already made clear nail polish

Other materials needed include:

  • Garlic crusher (if you don’t have one then use alternatives below)
  • A knife
  • Chopping board
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  1. Thinly dice the garlic or crush using a garlic crusher
  2. Add the diced or crushed garlic into the clear nail polish
  3. Mix
  4. Apply as a top or base coat on your nails
  5. Wash hands with some soap, water, and lemon juice


diy nail hardener


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