DIY | How to make protein hair mask at home

how to make protein hair mask/ treatment at home

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Do you know why protein hair treatments are effective and essential for hair care? It’s because our hair is made up of protein.

I’m sure you know that products with keratin is food for the hair as advertised by hair care companies. That’s because keratin and other proteins such as elastin are the protein that our hair is made up of.

how to make protein hair mask at home

On occasions or even on a daily basis from washing the hair to drying it to bleaching and colouring and curling and straightening. Believe it or not, these processes and the products that is used in the hair may not be very good for the hair due to the composition of chemicals in these products or due to the application of heat. The chemicals in hair products and heat break down the chains of keratin in the hair and so leaving hair damaged.


This is where our protein hair masks and treatments come in handy. Treating your hair with protein helps the hair to replenish its lost / broken down keratin and so repairing the hair. Hence, it becomes soft, nourished and conditioned.

how to make hair mask at home

There are different types of commercially manufactures protein hair mask as well as the homemade types. However, I’ll generally always go for the homemade types as opposed to the ones sold in the stores.

The homemade protein hair masks are very affordable, easy to obtain and way cheaper than the non homemade types and probably as effective or maybe even more effective.

Here’s my recipe to making your own protein hair mask at home.


Honey (2 tbsp)

Mayonnaise (2 tbsp) 

Coconut oil (2 tbsp) Buy here

Tea tree oil (few drops) Buy here

Egg (optional)


As shown in the video below

  • Please note that the amounts of ingredients can be altered based on how much your hair needs.

  • Feel free to alter the recipe, add eggs if you want or any other goodness that your hair might need.

  • Apply mask unto the hair after making it. Try to make what you can finish but if absolutely necessary, you can put the mask in the fridge and use next time.

  • Cover hair with shower cap and / or bag. I’ll usually do both for extra conditioning.

  • Leave the mask on hair for at least 30 minutes. I usually leave mine in for an hour to up to 2 hours. Although, this is dependent on time constrains and also how damaged my hair is.


Will you be trying this mask? Let me know if you would and if you did try it, what are your thoughts?


Have a wonderful weekend 

Chioma x


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