Feminist: should my partner pay all the bills?

feminism, should i split the bills with my partner

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A lot of time the time in our social circle, during girl time discussions or a drink with the guys or even in romantic relationships or dates; the question with regards to which partner should pay the bills seems to crop up. Sometimes, it could be quite a difficult question to answer and could be an even more difficult question if the female counterpart considers their-self a feminist.

Recently on Instagram, I saw a post this post that claims if one is a feminist then they should not expect their partner to pay all or most of the bills. This post goes on to say that the bills should be split equally in such a household.

Feminist: should my partner pay all the bills?

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In the YouTube video below, I’ll be looking into this and answering the question surrounding this.

Questions to be answered in the video
  1. What is feminism?
  2. Types of feminist movements in the society?
  3. Answering the question of the day: “if you claim you’re a feminist and still expect your partner to pay the bills, you’ve failed as a feminist. Bills are meant to be divided equally as a feminist. Do not expect him to pay house rent and school fees alone if you’re a feminist. True or false?”
  4. Personal views and opinions surrounding this topic
Watch video below for answers

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