How to Meal Plan

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Wondering how to meal plan? I got you! but first, what is meal planning? Meal planning is basically organizing your meals before hand. It can be carried out on a weekly, monthly basis or whatever frequency you choose.

Benefits of meal planning

There are so many benefits to this practice, which includes:

  • convenience
  • saves money
  • saves time
  • helps you to live healthy
  • less stress
  • reduces food waste which in turn is very beneficial for our environment and planet

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Steps to meal planning

Step 1: choose your meals

This first step is very important when it comes to meal planning. If you do not know what you want to have as your breakfast, lunch or dinner, then you will not be able to carry our any prep at all. or even know what ingredients to shop for.

Supposing you want to meal plan for a week, ensure to choose your breakfast, lunch and dinner. For instance, I would usually choose 2-3 each for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Step 2: go shopping

After you have decided what meals to have, the next step is to go shopping for the ingredients that you need to prepare each meal.

Ensure to take into account the amount of food you will be preparing for each meal, so that you do not purchase lessor more ingredients than you actually need.

So if you are to have omelets twice in the week, you’ll be needing 4 eggs, assuming that you need 2 eggs for each time.

Step 3: prep

This last step of meal planning is where the hard work is.

This is the time that you season your meat, wash and chop all the veggies you need, cook what you need to cook.

It is entirely up to you how much prep you want to carry out. This obviously determines how much time you’ll spend in the kitchen, as well as how much prepping or cooking you need to do later.

The ball is in your court!

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Tips to meal planning successfully

  • Incorporate your leftovers into another meal
  • Choose meals with common ingredient to avoid waste
  • Don’t leave all the meal planning for one day. This could be tedious!
  • Save the meal ideas you love. This is helpful when you can’t decide on what meal to prep
  • Try different meals. This will add versatility to your meals
  • Prepare a menu plan, so you know what you’re having for what day

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