Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothers gift ideas

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It was International Women’s Day last week Sunday 8th March and if you did not know, the theme for the campaign was #EachforEqual. The theme touched upon Gender equality and Collective Individualism. See International Womens Day for more!

With all individual of the female gender being celebrated through International Women’s Day, we still must especially celebrate our mothers for so many reasons:

  1.       Carrying us for 9 months: have you ever imagined having another human being living and feeding off you. This is what we did to our mothers!
  2.       Birthing us: if you have never seen someone have a baby then you won’t understand the big deal. Watch this video and you’ll understand!
  3.       Caring for us
  4.       Doing things for us: washing, cooking, taking us to school
  5.       Sacrificing for us
  6.       Teaching us
  7.       Being there
  8.       Supporting us etc.

Your mother isn’t necessarily your biological mother. It could be anyone who satisfies your motherly needs.

 With Mother’s Day being on the 22nd of March, there’s just a little over a week left for you to start looking for what to buy your mum. To help you choose the perfect gift for her, here’s a list of things you can get her, things you can do for her or places you can take her! 

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  1. A Card 
  2. Handmade Card
  3. Personalized Mother & Daughter Photo
  4. A Locket 
  5. Mother’s Day Hanging Plaque 
  6. Bake For Her
  7. Cook For Her 
  8. Flower Vase
  9. Flowers (Iris, Tulips, Lily, Rose, Orchid)
  10. Shopping Vouchers 
  11. A personalized Gift
  12. Scarf
  13. Perfume
  14. Jewelry
  15. Watch 
  16. Clothing Item
  17. Purse 
  18. Handbag
  19. Mug
  20. Bath Bomb
  21. Chocolate
  22. Skincare / Anti-aging Products 
  23. Fragrance Oil Burner Set 
  24. Candles 
  25. Diffusers 
  26. Afternoon Tea
  27. Dinner at Her Fav Restaurant 
  28. Spa Experience
  29. Massage 
  30. Holiday

Happy Mother’s Day xx

I hope you find this Mother’s Day Ideas List useful. Got more ideas? Let me know in the comments

Thank you for reading x

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