Skincare 101: How to build a skincare routine (Adding Extras)

How to build a skincare routine

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A few weeks ago, in my previous blog post and YouTube video; I explained how to build a skincare routine focussing on the basis. However, in this blog post, I’ll be explaining how to add other products into your basic skincare routine. This will enable you to achieve that healthy, clear skin you crave faster.

In this post, I’ll focus on 7 additional skincare products/ tools that you can add to your basic routine. These products include serum, night/day creams, eye cream, exfoliator, face mask, oils and facial tools.

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Products you can add to your basic skincare routine

They are highly concentrated skincare moisturiser. Yes, serums are lightweight moisturisers. They are only different as they contain a high concentration of active ingredients. Which is why they are used in the treatment of skin care issues including hyperpigmentation, spots, wrinkles, etc Due to this fact, ensure that the serum you choose to buy will target and treat whatever skin problem you have. For instance, vitamin C and vitamin E serums can be used for pigmentation. If ageing is the skin issue then serums containing grape seed extract and primrose should be used.

Night/day creams

These are both moisturisers. The day creams are lighter and used to hydrate and protect the skin from pollution throughout the day. A night cream is heavier moisturisers for hydration during sleep as we lose moisture.

Eye cream

These are creams that a target the skin issues under the eye. Such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, dark circles, crow’s foot etc.

How to build a skincare routine

They’re products used to remove dead skin. These can be physical or chemical forms. The physical exfoliator uses scrubbing particles such as beads and shells to loosen the bonds between the dead skin and the new skin cells, removing dead skin. Its chemical counterpart uses chemical such as enzymes to remove dead skin by loosening the bonds between the dead skin and the new skin cells.

Face masks

These are mostly used to pamper the skin. They have several pampering effects including hydration, brightening, glowing, calming, detoxification etc. They are also in different formulae such as cream, mud, sheet, peel off, charcoal etc.


Essentially for moisturising, especially for dry skin. Some oils can also be used for cleansing purposes.

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Facial tools

These are any tools that are used in skincare and can be incorporated into any step in your skincare routine. They include cleansing brushes, steamer, blackhead remover, derma roller, dermaplaner, light therapy, facial rollers, toning device etc.

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