Sponsored Giveaway: White Calling For International Calls

White Calling For International Calls

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Are you an international student, an exchange student, a migrant or anyone else whose got family members or loved ones abroad, then get in here!

I’ve partnered with White Calling to gift one lucky person up to 500 minutes of talk time (depending on location) to their loved ones abroad. That is £30 worth of free calls to your loved one! Exciting right?!

White Calling For International Calls

About White Calling

White Calling is an app or calling card that lets you make reliable and quality low cost international calls.

To use the White Calling App, install to your phone through your mobile app, sign up, top up and start using.

To use the White Calling Card, dial your access number, enter your pin on your card, enter the number you want to call.

  1. There are so many reasons why using White Calling is a great option for your international calls. You’re guaranteed great quality calls at low call rates to any country worldwide. So you’re not about to waste your time or credit trying to hear the person instead of actually having a conversation with them.
  2. Also, unlike some international call providers, the receiver doesn’t need to be online or have the app to receive calls. Which means in terms of emergency, you can easily reach them without worrying if they’re online or not.
  3. With White Calling, you have the options to call through a local access number or call using WIFI or mobile data through your app.
  4. Although White Calling is branded for international calls, you can choose to save yourself some money by using it to make local calls or call customer service numbers.
  5. In addition, White Calling allows you to top up the phones of your loved ones with credit/minutes.

white calling app for international calls

giveaway details

To enter the giveaway, please do the following:

  1. Download and register on White Calling App
  2. Follow my Instagram account 
  3. Like the giveaway post
  4. Comment who you would call most with the app/ what you’ll do with the app
  5. Tag 2 friends


  • Giveaway is open from 7th to 12th August
  • Winner will be chosen randomly and contacted via DM on 13th August

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white calling app for international calls

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