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mercymime blog styling dashiki ankara with cycling shorts and dad trainer

Summer is finally here after it kept us waiting for months on end, at least the cold and rain is over for a little while. It is now time to enjoy the sun. But, for you to be able to enjoy the sun to the fullest, you’ll need the right outfits unless you’re ready to be sweating endlessly. 

In today’s post, I will be sharing some of my summer outfits, for the casual days when you cannot be bothered to make too much effort. As well as for the days you want to look like you made an effort without actually making an effort. I’m sure you get the drift.

Tip 1: for any summer outfit, be sure that it is as comfy as possible.

The casual days

A Jumpsuit

I love the print, so I’ll mostly wear a printed jumpsuit. Style this with a pair of sandals, flip flops or slides. Add a few accessories such as a belt for a more defined waistline, sunglasses to protect your eyes from those UV rays, and your favorite summer bag. 

woman wearing beige-and-red floral crop top with pants

A playsuit

A playsuit is a cute and comfy little piece. For a simple and chic summer outfit, wear your playsuit with a pair of sandals, trainers or any footwear of your choice.

donald-giannatti styling playsuit in summer

Tip 2: If you are like me, playsuits tend to be too short for my taste. But there is a solution; just size up. Then use a belt to accentuate your waist and hide the bagginess of the playsuit.

An over-sized t-shirt dress

As you may already know, t-shirt dresses are one of the most versatile and yet comfy pieces. Their length is just perfect for the summer and most times their material as well; if they’re made of cotton or any breathable fabric. You can style with trainers or flip flops. 

A Dress

Another comfy clothing. The great thing about wearing a dress in the summer is that you have several style options to choose from to suit and flatter your body shape. Also, you don’t have to worry about what top or bottom to go with it as opposed to wearing tops and trousers. Can be styled with a pair of sandals, flip flops or slides and even trainers depending on the style of the dress and of course, your preferences. 

Jeans/ trousers

I know you might not have been expecting to see jeans as part of a summer outfit but personally, I wear them in the summer. I mean why not? Just throw on some blouse, t-shirt or any other top and you’re good to go!

Leggings/ shorts

Just like jeans, they’ll go with literally any top. Choose your footwear accordingly but most leggings and shorts will be just fine with sandals or flip flops. 

Tip 3: Personally, I like to wear leggings with a top that goes past my buttocks or just on my buttocks. Mostly because leggings have a way of showing your pant lines or being transparent. You don’t want just anyone viewing your assets. No thanks!

A Skirt

Another piece of clothing that is available to suit many needs, shapes, etc. For instance, mini skirts for the “show your legs” kind of days. While the maxi skirts are especially great on those summer days/nights that are a bit chilly. 

woman leaning on red car


Tip 4: chafing is real for us big thigh/curvy girls especially in the summer. This often makes you want to avoid wearing skirts or dresses. Well, I tell you now, you can wear whatever piece of clothing you want to wear without having to worry about chafing. Invest in a pair of anti-chafing shorts (personally, I wear cycling shorts and that works fine), bands or anti-chafing creams/ gels. 

jeanie-de-klerk styling skirt in summer

Tip 5: in the summer, you might want to stick to styling all outfit listed above with just a pair of nice-looking sandals, flip flops or slides. Avoid wearing heels if you want to be most comfortable. Especially, if you have no events to attend and you’re just running errands. In the same way, you might also want to avoid wearing trainers as you do not want your feet to sweat. However, choosing to wear a breathable trainer is an exception. 

For the eventful days

Tip 5: if need be, choose your summer outfit to allow you to dress it up for that very stylish finish. 

A jumpsuit

Style with a pair of heels. Personally, court heels are probably the best/ easiest option. They work well with literally any piece and style of clothing. Add some accessories to boost your outfit.

styling jumpsuit in the summer

A Skirt

For your summer event, style your skirt with a wedge or any other heels of your choice. Add some accessories of your choice.

A Dress

Style with a wedge or any other heels. Again you may want to consider court heels or heeled sandals. Add some accessories to boost your outfit.

t shirt dress for summer outfit

melody-jacob styling dress in summer

A Playsuit

Style this with a wedge, heeled sandals or any other footwear of your choice. 

matthew-t-rader styling playsuit in summer

Jeans/ trousers / shorts

Style a pair of high-waist jeans/ trousers/ shorts styled with a crop top or any other really nice blouse. Style with any footwear and accessories of your choice.

Final notes

In as much as I have listed these items of clothing under casual and non-casual days. They’re are interchangeable, you can easily style a playsuit to attend an event and the likes. Remember when it comes to style it’s about using your imagination and daring to try different things. 

Tip 6: Don’t forget to use a sunscreen (whether you have melanin or not!)


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