Succeeding in the midst of the unexpected: tips to succeed this New Year

new year tips to succeed

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It is now the end of 2020, and if there is anything that we have learnt this year, it’s that you can make plans but along the way, those plans might not be accomplished. This is not because you are lazy or did not work hard to accomplish them. However, it is simply because you had no means of turning these plans into a reality. For instance, last year the outbreak of Coronavirus disrupted a lot of people’s plans and if I’m not mistaken, I’ll say it disrupted everybody’s plans for 2020.

As an example, if you had planned to save £1000 this year 2021, this can only be a reality if you have a regular income and it becomes impossible if you no longer had a job or cannot find a job. So it’s not like you did not want to save or you had no will power to save; you just simply couldn’t due to the situation of things around you. This was the case in 2020.

Therefore, as we enter 2021, I believe one needs to be advised to make the wise decision of preparing for any disruptions to any of the plans that they might have. What I mean by this is to ensure that you’re allowing yourself some leeway in your plans for the unexpected.
Here are a few tips to achieve your goals for 2021 even in the midst of the unexpected.

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tips to succeed this New Year

Make short term plans

Always think “one at a time”. Setting a short term goal helps you to be focussed on your plans. This is the best approach to achieving any long term goal that you might have. This is a realistic and easy method to attain your goals.

Say you want to live a healthier lifestyle, you can start setting a short term goal of one month or two for yourself and challenging yourself to stick to this plan. At the end of this short term goal period, set yourself another short term goal and just keep going. In the end you’ll find that you will achieve your long term goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

Be flexible

Do not be rigid or think rigid! Build on your ability to be flexible. You have to be okay with moving your plans around if need be to achieve your goals. Have in mind that every little plan that you attain is all contributing to the achievement of your long term goal. So if you have planned for Task A to be attained before Task B, you have to be able to accept to do Task B before Task A. Or even Task F first, if need be.

Find alternatives

Be open to other options to help you achieve your goals. For example, I had planned last year to organise a brunch/meet up for January 2021 for my “Bloggers & Creatives Network” members. But due to the continued increase in COVID cases resulting to a lockdown, I decided to turn this into a virtual meet up instead of cancelling the meet-up altogether.

Yes, the impact of a virtual meet up is not as effective as that of a face to face meet-up. But, the goal of introducing everyone to each other would be achieved and on the bright side, it’s all in the comfort of their homes and no travel fees paid.

Don’t be disheartened

If things don’t work as planned, I urge you, do not focus on it. This is life for you. Pick yourself up and continue the hustle. Just ensure that you keep going and get the sort of outcome that you’re looking for before you think of stopping.

new year resolution tips

Achievement is achievement

No matter how small the achievement is. Be grateful and celebrate every win! Including little thing like gaining 10 followers on social media!

Don’t get frustrated

Although, it’s human nature to get frustrated when things are not working as planned. But you shouldn’t allow the adversities of life to take away your happiness and leave you frustrated. Although, it’s easier said than done but think about it this way, “what will the frustration solve?” What the worst that could have happened? There’s hope if there’s life!

Self care

Look after yourself! I cannot stress enough the importance of self care especially in difficult situations. Check out my self care post for more!

See in you next week 🙂

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