Top Makeup Must Have For Beginners and Non-beginners

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It can be quite overwhelming for anyone that wants to start learning how to do their makeup. I remember when I got to the age of 18, I thought to myself, I’m an adult now and I can wear makeup. I was working at this time and so after work one day I went to Boots Store, got them to try out different shades of No. 7 foundation on me and then I bought one after. For almost a year, I was applying my foundation like a moisturiser. Meanwhile, I was watching so many YouTube videos to try and understand what makeup products I needed and it was a nightmare. It was until I turned 20 that I mostly figured out makeup.

This post will help you avoid all the guesswork as well as help you streamline your makeup bag, that’s if you’re already into the makeup artistry world.

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Application tools

To obtain a flawless makeup look, you need applicators. Your makeup can’t look good without the right tools. The main tools you must have are: 

  • A powder brush: for powder application. It can also be used to apply blush and bronzer
  • An angled brush: for applying concealer on your eyebrows for a clean finish
  • An eyeshadow blending brush: for applying and blending your eyeshadow
  • A beauty blender: for applying and blending in foundation, concealer and under-eye setting powder

This makeup product is used to keep your foundation in place and makes it last longer throughout the day. It also helps to give your foundation a flawless finish by closing up pores. If you have oily skin then you might want to buy a matte primer.


Foundation is essentially the makeup itself. Without a foundation then you’ve not started. In my opinion, is it is a must-have out of all the must-haves. So even if you don’t have anything else when it comes to makeup, you need to make sure that you have your foundation. It covers spots, discolouration, scars etc and basically enhances your beauty and ensures a smooth even face. When starting off in makeup, I’ll recommend that you go to a beauty store where different foundation shades will be tried on you to determine the best shade for your skin tone.


This makeup product is almost like a foundation but mostly made with thicker consistencies and to cover up more. For instance, it covers up any spots, scars or dark circles which the foundation did not cover-up. They are also used for highlighting and contouring purposes. As well as concealing the eyebrows. So when purchasing a concealer, it might be worth purchasing 2 different shades: one for highlighting and eyebrows and the other for contouring.


Helps to finish off, blend your foundation and concealer. As well as to set them so that they last longer. With powders, there are 2 types you might want to consider having: one is an all-over face complexion powder which is also known as a pressed powder. These should be the same shade as your skin tone. The other is a loose powder for setting your under-eye concealer. However, my recommendation to a beginner will be to stick to a complexion powder for everything you need a powder for.

Eyebrow gel/ pencil

We all know that the eyebrows define your face. Use the eyebrow pencil to outline your eyebrow and the gel to sett the eyebrows so that it lasts longer and stays put even when you mistakenly touch it. When starting off, stick to the cheap eyebrow options. They do the job too.

Top Makeup Must Have For Beginners and Non-beginners


This makeup product can is a determinant of any makeup look. For instance, if one is going for a bold makeup look, they will usually go for bold eyeshadow colours and if one is opting for a neutral or simple look then they’ll use a neutral eyeshadow shade on their eyelids. When it comes to eyeshadows, my recommendation will be to stick to simple looks and when you can try playing around with different shades.

Tip: make your simple eyeshadow looks stand out by applying some shimmer/glitter to your tear duct. 


Lengthens your eyelashes and makes your eyes pop. Applying makeup to your face and leaving out mascara doesn’t give you a finished well put together makeup look. it is also obvious if the mascara is left out. 

Tip: apply your mascara very close to your lash line for an eyeliner effect. 

Setting spray 

A setting spray locks in your makeup and helps all the products you’ve applies to your skin to relax seamlessly to your skin. It also helps your makeup to last longer. For me, my makeup is incomplete without a setting spray. 


Get the glow, blind the haters!


These are other makeup products that determine a look just like the eyeshadows. Want a bold look? Use bold colour lipsticks/ lipgloss. Want a simple look? Use neutral or subtle lipgloss/ lipstick shades.


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