Uses of Coconut Oil at Home

uses of coconut oil

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Unlike other oils, coconut oil is very versatile. From being edible as food to its usage for health purposes to its usage in beauty.

When purchasing coconut oil for use, it’s is advisable to stick to “raw”, “extra virgin”, “pure”, “non processed” coconut oil. As these are the coconut oils that have no preservatives or additives in them and are not processed. 

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Here is a list of things of things you can do with coconut oil in your household:
  1. For cooking/ frying
  2. As a moisturiser for the skin
  3. As a moisturiser for the hair
  4. Use as deep conditioner of hair
  5. Natural deodorant
  6. For improved cuticles
  7. Remove makeup
  8. As a lip balm
  9. Massage oil
  10. For dental health
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